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We’re a bit of an oddball in the realm of wireless carriers since we have no contracts. No lock-ins. No extra fees. That means no port-in fees, no administration fees, no activation fees, no overage fees. No compromises. You can come and leave as you please, upgrade or downgrade your plan according to your needs, for free.



Unlike the big carriers that focus only on unlimited plans, Tello believes in individuality. Our plans, ranging from $5 to $25/mo can be customized to your heart's content or to each family member’s desire. Need a talk & text only plan for your kid? We’ve got you covered. Just want unlimited data? You can do that, too.



There’s nothing more satisfying than trimming a recurrent expense! We’re obsessed with giving people more bang for their buck. Our super affordable pay-as-you-go phone plans make it easy for you to pay only what you use and nothing else. Save more, spend smarter & let go of phone bill anxiety for good!

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The big History behind small phone bills

The big History behind small phone bills

Our mother company, KeepCalling, has more than 19 years of experience in the telecom industry and has been offering calling services to millions of customers since 2002. So, we’re not a rookie after all! In 2016, in a partnership with a nationwide network, we had the chance to expand from international calls to providing full wireless service under the new brand, Tello.com. This pocket-friendly solution grew in a few years to hundreds of thousands of happy customers. Tello-tastic, right?

Three international offices. One Mission.

It all started with one man’s honest need to keep in touch with his loved ones while working abroad. Calling internationally was a pain back in 2002, but our CEO knew there had to be a better way. $100 and one brilliant idea later, a new phone service was born, centered around the idea of providing premium service at affordable prices. Staying connected should be a basic human right, not a privilege.

Three international offices. One Mission.
Total Transparency

Total Transparency

The T from Tello stands for transparency. We believe in giving people the right value for their hard worked money. We took off the premium price tag for the premium wireless service, but we also took this pledge a step further. At Tello, there are no surprise fees, misleading promos, no fine print. Our customers are in charge of everything and no question remains unanswered (by a real person), whether it’s a call to our awesome customer support team, or we get it on Amazon, Facebook, Blog, etc. We’re here to help!

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Tello’s effortlessly lowering bills since 2016.

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Much-awaited feature, perfect for whenever you need a data boost

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Flexibility at our customers' fingertips with the help of SMS purchases


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