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Join a service designed to save you money

Tello is the perfect phone plan hack with prices from ⁦$5⁩ to ⁦$25⁩. Here’s why you should join Tello today

No fees whatsoever
Do you have fee anxiety? No need for that with Tello. We have no activation, maintenance, or early fee termination fees. No fine print. What you see is what you get!

No contracts
You’re free to stay as long as you like. At Tello, there are no contracts, lock-ins or strings attached. You are free to cancel anytime for free because you’re in control.

Nationwide coverage
Coast-to-coast wireless coverage. Forget about dropped calls, loading issues or slow data speeds.

Only Pay for what you use

Save on your cell phone bill without giving up high-end service. Check out our super affordable plans & see how our advantages stack up.

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What's different at Tello?

We’re as customer-friendly as cell providers come! See how we stand out and what you’ll get as a Tello customer:

Tether away for free
Sharing is caring, even when talking about data. Use the tethering setting to share data free of charge with your friends or with all your other devices.

Flexibility is our superpower
Build your own phone plan by adding minutes & data. Unlimited isn’t for everybody, so choose a different plan for your teen than for your mother-in-law or for your business.

24/7 Human Customer Support
Top-notch service that comes with extra care when it comes to our customers' needs. Get a human to answer any of your questions or guide you if needed.

Budget-Friendly Family Plans

Bring your family to Tello! Build designated talk, text & data phone plans for each member. Every new line comes with no added cost.

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International Calls

Phone Plans & Pay As You Go work well together. Use your plan for free international calls to 60+ Countries, add Pay As You Go for calls and texts to any other country not included at amazingly low rates.

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90% of our customers would recommend Tello

Share the love for Tello & get rewarded! Use your unique link to refer a friend and once he places a successful order, you both get ⁦$10⁩ Tello Dollars!

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