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Hello eSIM! Hello, instant activation.

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Get started with Tello eSIM

Check your phone's compatibility

First, you need to confirm that your phone is eSIM compatible.

Pick any Tello plan

Choose a plan, select the eSIM option during checkout and place the order.

Scan and enjoy!

Once the order is placed, the activation QR code will be available in your Tello account.

Check your phone's compatibility!

Make sure your phone is unlocked, VoLTE and eSIM compatible

Dial *#06# and you'll receive your phone's IMEI code

Don't have the IMEI at hand? Check Tello requirements.

You can bring your own number after the service has been activated in your online account.

Have a look at Tello's most popular plans

2 GB
Talk & Text
⁦$10⁩ /mo
5 GB
Talk & Text
⁦$7⁩ /1st mo
⁦$14⁩ /mo going forward
10 GB
Talk & Text
⁦$19⁩ /mo
Talk & Text
⁦$25⁩ /mo

What's eSIM and how does it work?

Join the new era of wireless with Tello eSIM! Activate your eSIM in minutes on your compatible device in 3 easy steps.

  • Tello eSIMs are free and you can instantly activate your Tello service online with just a quick QR code scan
  • You can have two phone lines on the same device, like your personal and business line
  • If you're traveling abroad, you can buy a local SIM card, insert it in your device and still use Tello's eSIM

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A SIM card is a digital physical chip that you need to insert into your phone. An eSIM is a digital embedded SIM that you activate on your device. Both physical SIM cards and eSIMs connect your phone with a network and give you access to your plan and services. If you have an eSIM compatible device, this will allow you to easily start using your Tello plan without waiting for the SIM card to arrive.
  • Before ordering an eSIM please check if your device is eSIM compatible. If the answer is YES, then go ahead and place the order. Login to My Account - My SIM section and scan the QR code with your phone's camera. Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network as you will need a steady Wi-Fi connection to complete the eSIM activation. Please note that once you start the activation process your Tello service will be temporarily inactive. Don't worry, your service will resume once the eSIM is active on your device.

    If you want activate your Tello eSIM from outside the US, please note the first thing you need to do is set up WI-FI Calling in your Tello account and phone. To set up WI-FI Calling, follow the steps available in My Account - My Settings section.
  • You can easily check if your phone is eSIM compatible here. Please note that besides being eSIM compatible, your device should be unlocked in order to work with Tello. Don't worry, as time goes by all new devices are by default eSIM compatible.
  • Yes, as long as your device is eSIM compatible. Just go to My SIM section in My Tello account, select "Switch to eSIM" and follow the steps listed there.

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