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usmvno.keepcalling.net has been called "the best thing since sliced bread"
& we have more than 9,300 reviews from our customers,
who appreciate us for:
  • Amazing customer service
  • Easily customizable plans
  • Pure freedom
  • Big savings
  • Reliable service

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 	4.5 out of 5 ★
4.5 out of 5 based on 9388 reviews
 	5 out of 5 ★
Squeak Bell
March 24, 2023
World wide assistance.....unbelievable,thank you..!!
I was in New Zealand when I discovered that my TELLO account had been hacked and all of my automatic payments had been compromised and frozen. I was able to talk to a TELLO rep 'Luis' who was able to keep my account 'alive' so I had immediate use of my TELLO phone when arriving back in the USA and deferring payment till I could get to my Bank and personally sort the whole mess out. I challenge anyone to try that with another phone company...!! Outstanding service,over and above the norm for today. TELLO is first class world wide in my book. Thanks you,Bill Bell. Bell Auto Parts. Bakersfield.CA.
 	5 out of 5 ★
Rae Marlatt
March 22, 2023
excellent offers and great flexibility…
excellent offers and great flexibility at a reasonable price.
 	4 out of 5 ★
Richard Redfern
March 19, 2023
It's very much a value for the price
It's very much a value for the price. The only problem I have had is that I upped my data allowance. Now that I don't need that amount of data, I am not sure how to down the amount.
 	5 out of 5 ★
March 19, 2023
Great price and good service
Great price and good service. We love to make international call with out any cost. We hope all other mobile phones provider would do the same
 	5 out of 5 ★
March 18, 2023
I am a Canadian snowbird using Tello
I am a Canadian snowbird utilizing Tello as I travel instead of adding US roaming to my Canadian cell number. Tello is a seamless fantastic service. Excellent customer service and so easy to set up with a esim and connect immediately. Intending to keep the US number as a secondary number on return to Canada as I can still use the number for US and world wide calling over wifi. In light of the big 3 Canadian cellular carriers: Telus, Bell, Rogers increasing their US roaming rates, all Canadians traveling stateside should consider Tello service instead of adding very costly Canadian roaming plans to their account.
 	5 out of 5 ★
Amelie Koch
March 15, 2023
Very capable chat service support
Very capable chat service support! I talked to Shaun and Mikhel and both were patient, knowledgeable and solved my issues.
 	5 out of 5 ★
Thomas Haggard
March 14, 2023
Just works and is cheep!
Everything just works and Tello gives you plenty of notice and chances to make a payment. There email customer support is thorough and very helpful. I haven’t yet interacted with phone customer support because I haven’t needed to, everything just works.
 	5 out of 5 ★
Randall Smith
March 9, 2023
good cell service
good cell service. good price.
 	5 out of 5 ★
Richard Mincer
March 7, 2023
A+ Customer Service
I am new customer and had a couple questions I sent to Customer Service. Both were competently addressed in less than an hour. A+ customer service so far.
 	5 out of 5 ★
March 7, 2023
Service is excellent
Service is excellent. Always quick to respond to questions and very helpful.
 	5 out of 5 ★
S Molinari
March 5, 2023
No nonsense as with the big carriers
No nonsense as with the big carriers. Low prices, no hidden fees. Prepay, can cancel anytime, no contracts. Bring your own phone or puchase a phone from them. Not forced to accept a phone you don't want. No Bloatware!
 	5 out of 5 ★
March 5, 2023
Reliable service
Reliable service, great value!
 	5 out of 5 ★
March 5, 2023
Cheap basic service
no problems so far
 	5 out of 5 ★
Miguel Maza
February 24, 2023
Ramiro is efficient
Ramiro was really fast to help me out. He was efficient and clear about alternatives
 	5 out of 5 ★
Phillip Coffman
February 19, 2023
Top quality at a budget price.
Tello is as good if not better than any cellular service I have ever used. It is also the least expensive. I have never had a problem with coverage or system failure.
 	5 out of 5 ★
February 18, 2023
Easy online access to my sccount.
Easy online access to my sccount.
 	5 out of 5 ★
Jonathan Abel
February 17, 2023
Great !
I am happy with Tello.
 	4 out of 5 ★
James B
February 16, 2023
Good Service
I have been pleased with Tello service. I have talked to customer service several times. The connect was fast and the problems were solved. I will contine to use Tello.
 	4 out of 5 ★
February 14, 2023
Best value for money cell phone service.
Best value for money cell phone service.
 	5 out of 5 ★
K . Norman
February 12, 2023
Very friendly,knowledgeable and…
Very friendly,knowledgeable and helpful. Good job.
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